About Us

We believe that innovation in all sectors is necessary. However, we have developed a passion for items that can improve our daily lives. That's why we decided to start WarriorX Hair Trimmer. Our goal is to provide you with the best gadgets to enhance your shaving experience. We are building our portfolio of men’s healthcare products. Stay tuned for our line of products to continue to increase.

Many men: especially in the fitness, Olympic sports, and combat sports realm are subject to frequently removing their hair from their bodies to maintain good hygiene. As a martial artist myself, I find it very hard to remove the hair in the balls area and it is especially difficult to remove it without getting cut with traditional means (hair buzzer or razor blades, waxing is too freaking painful to even try it). Also, the irritation from the traditional blades was very inconvenient when you are sweating nonstop, it just gets worse. We contacted the best ceramic blade manufacturer and created a slick design to make it the ultimate hair trimming tool.  

We understand that everyone's shaving needs are different, so we are going to provide a wide variety of items for our customers to choose from. At WarriorX, you are our priority. Sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed when we add new products!

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